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Gain new perspective. Think differently. Expand your range.

London Bridge Business School is founded upon the principle of becoming a world class institute that offers the best of global business knowledge with deep insights into emerging economies of the world. The school is focused on preparing students to lead businesses in emerging economies to international success and to help global businesses to succeed in those countries.The School is positioned to attract a diversity of smart and talented students from emerging countries in Africa to join our broad portfolio of academic programmes, including Executive MBA, open enrollment Executive Education programmes, MBA, online global business courses, diplomas and certificate business courses.

Learning Excellence

As a 21st century academic institution with a focused drive towards excellence in knowledge delivery, our learning philosophy is to be dynamic, intentional and original. We keep engineering our teaching, consulting, research, service delivery and ethical standards to be world-class. We benchmark global best business schools to be academically rigorous and that leads us to expect extraordinarily high standards from all of our students and learning participants and associates.


Global Thinking

LBBS is a global business school focused on discovering and nurturing business leaders and managers who will lead the next wave of global economic revolution which is rising from the emerging markets of the world. Ours is a diversified learning environment with students from different part of the world’s emerging nations of Africa and other continents. We leverage on this diversity to create multi-cultural learning environment which envelopes the global aspirations of big businesses, small businesses and entrepreneurs.

  • World-class Education: We rethink business education in a new perspective; we give our students and participants the cutting-edge insights and tools to make the world more prosperous by building and leading great businesses. We draw inspiration from the diverse challenges and opportunities around the world and we help leaders to identify them and build systems to explore them.
  • Thinking Outside-the-box: Our transformative programmes are created to inspire our students to challenge the status quo, to question the norm and to develop the skills to become the world’s best business leaders.
  • Global Impact and Relevance: At London Bridge Business School, our foremost goal is to impact the way businesses are done worldwide with special empahisis on the world’s emerging countries. Our unity of purpose creates an environment where we support and inspire, helping our people achieve their fullest potential. We drill our students to constantly innovate. Our business education are rewarding to our students, staff, faculty and the business world.
London Bridge Business School is a pacesetter in modern business education which brings together people, ideas and experiences to develop proactive leaders who take responsibility in transforming business and society.
  • Entrepreneurial Drive: We are willing to innovate and experiment; we are committed to finding new answers to existing questions.
  • Mastering of Subject Area: We encourage in-depth research and mastering of subject area and dynamic teaching methods; what matters to us is excellence and impact on business management as an academic discipline, on business practice, and in the classroom.
  • Open-mindedness for Inspirational Learning: We are open to other views; we learn through exchange of ideas and experiences.